Belle gives birth on #OnceUponATime

There’s one thing you need to know… I LOVE ONCE UPON A TIME. That TV show that probably make you think twice about fairytales and definitely that TV show you don’t have to miss an episode or you’ll be lost in the next one.


Once Upon A Time. Season 6, Episode 9.

ABC presented the Winter Finale previous episode with amazing surprise that seriously no one- not even a fan like me- didn’t see coming. Rumple is getting more evil than ever, I’m not sure anymore if he loves Belle or not, because he forced her to make her biggest sacrifice ever.

The whole confusing plot from this season is getting to an end but before it will blow our minds like it did on season 6-episode 9. First of all, I think Evil Queen is really obsessed with Rumple, she even wants to be part of his plans but we all know he likes to work alone, so to let her work with him Evil Queen has to kill Zelena. And as you may already know, of course she tries to kill her but Regina save her, she even squeeze her own heart (it also was Evil Queen’s heart). Regina tries to sacrifices herself for her sister.

In the other half of the episode Rumple does something to speed up Belle’s pregnancy just to control their son’s fate. Belle knows his game and start making a plan to stop him. Here is when the flashback begins when Rumple kidnapped a baby and Belle tried to retunt it to his parents, and we finally meet Rumple’s mom (someone he actually tracks down).

In other scenes, Emma continues having visions about her death while she and Hook try to help Belle. Also, Regina keeps blaming Zelena for Robin’s death.

“I can never forget you”, Regina said to Zelena.

Belle gives birth to her son, then she asks to Blue Fairy to take her son to keep him away from Rumple. Rumple enters the room looking for his son and Belle refuses to tell him the baby’s name.

Aladdin, Snow and Jasmine try to get Jasmine back to Agrabah, later they find out a way: Aladding goes inside the genius lamp. And at the end… Emma and Hook finds the sword in Rumple’s shop… the sword of her vision THE VISION WHERE SHE DIES!!!


My sweet Oncers, what do you think about this episode?

Are you ready to watch the Winter Finale next sunday??


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