My Wonderland Fantasy World

Everyone have their own fantasies world, well not everyone because some people don’t believe in the magic people have inside so they don’t fantasies world but I’m not them. I have a wonderland fantasy world. In that world it’s me and tons of other things.

I’m a girl who loves drama and romance. I’m like cupid!, you know I always want the best for couples and I try my best to help them. I have that “superpower” I “read” people, actually it’s not READING, but I always look at the eyes, the auras, the way people talk and sometimes I see what they do, that’s my way to know the side that people hide. I see them inside, that’s the best part of human being.

This fantasy world  isn’t a place where Nick Jonas it’s deep in love with me. I’m not that kind of dreamer. In my world everyone have their happy endings, a world with cotton candy, movies, tv shows, love for celebrities, and even the hidden side of me. The side that loves fashion, makeup, talking infront of tons of people, a confident girl screaming to get out, a girl who wants to be famous just to have the power to inspire others.


You can join me in this adventure calls LIFE. Just keep reading I’ll keep describing my world and sometimes talking about the things that my world has. I’m a fangirl, it’s obvious! but I’m also a girl trying to figure out how to live and not dying in the process. This is the window where you can see what’s going on in my world.

Have fun reading and wait until the next time.

BTW: I’m Marcela but please call me “ISSI” and please leave me your question, comments, thoughts and any nice thing that comes to your mind.


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