Writing from bed

Yes, you read right! I’m writing this from my warm bed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a lazy person, I’m actually that weird person who’s not into sleeping too much. Tonight I’m saying “Hello” from my bed watching iCarly.

The main reason is a FLU. Recently that’s a normal mood and I hate because I have to take some pills, drink a disgusting tea and complain all day for being sick. In times like right now all I wanna do is stay in bed, of course that can’t happen especially not in the last days of this college’s year.

Like I said before all I wanna do is stay and bed and rest for a while. But honestly I just want to sleep and wake up feeling way better. Laying on bed makes me think about everything incluiding my life, my writings, and pretty much everything I can think about.

I just notice that this is losing the main topic, so all I have to do is say goodbye.

Have you ever been sick that you don’t even wanna blink? Are you staying on bed like me?



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