I should forget him

I should get over him, he doesn’t even have to be in my mind. BUT HE IS. I can’t help it.

Have you ever have strong feelings for someone? Yes? No? Well… I did. And that someone is now just my friend, that someone is the person I trust the most because I know he’ll always be there for me no matter what, where or when.

How am I supposed to get over those feelings when every time I talk to him he says something sweet and I fall in love again. When his support makes me feel especial even if I know I may not that kind of especial for him.

Now I don’t what to do, now that someone is with someone else and I know he’s happy no matter what I think because (of course) no one will be good for him as me. There was a time when I used to think he could be the “happily forever after” in my life, I started imagining a life with him (I’m crazy, right?).

I’m thinking about him right now, and maybe just maybe it isn’t love, it’s just that I’m used to have him by my side and I’m afraid to lose that person in my life. I’m afraid that he would be s happy with someone else and leave me behind. I don’t even know how can he talk to someone like me (with a lot of drama), that boy must be strong enough because he’s been with me in all my crazy ride. I may don’t know what I feel right now but I don’t wanna lose him, it feels right to be in “love” with him but maybe I’m not, maybe I just need him because he has been the way to connect to sanity.

I want to be able to read minds or something. I need to know what he feels or think, I need to know if he’s thinking about forgetting me someday.


I may need help right now! Seriously, I’ll talk about this with my terapist the next time.

For now, Do you have any advice for me? Have you ever been in a situation like mine? Do you think I should get over or forget him? Do you wanna read the full story?

 Leave me your comments please…


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