New Year, New Writes, New Me!

I took  a little time of vacations the entire december trying to run away from myself and from my year full of up and downs. Have you heard about phoenixs, I tried to do that, I simple tried to find the worst of me and tried to turn it into something better. I’ve done that thing so many times before, I guess this is the seventh version of myself.

Forgetting the philosophical things I have some goals to this 2017, I never had it to 2016 so I guess I’m starting with the right foot. Basically this year will be about writing, focusing on my blogs, youtube channels and my stories.

Why is writing my 2017 goal?

Well, because I’m not a girl who can’t concentrate in just one thing and somehow I lose the motivation to finish a project. But that was past, right now I’m taking this and everything I like in a serious way. Can’t imagine myself writing or reading, and watching television, I don’t wanna live in a world where I can’t end a story or keep writing on my blog just because I don’t wanna to move any finger.

I’ll leave all the bad vibes behind and just live the present, I’ll work hard to reach my goals, I’ll focus on every personal project I have and just be myself and will let everyone to see my real essence and be the best version of myself.

Don’t forget to find the best version of yourself everyday and don’t let any judgment affect you.

Sometimes we all need to reborn like the phoenix and go on…



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