My Letter to Girl Meets World Cast

Before I start writing my feelings I seriously need to share Rowan Blanchard aka Riley Matthews’s letter :

I was exactly watching Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part One when I read the sad new of my fear becoming true, yes, Disney Channel made a mistake canceling Girl Meets World.

Boy Meets World wasn’t a tv-show from “my generation” but I grew up watching it, I’m sure I’ve watch all the epsiodes a couple of times per one. So, been a loyan BMW loyal fan I became a loyal fan from Girl Meets World, now I still being a fan of the cast from Rowan to Peyton and from Cecilia to Sarah Carpenter even Cheryl Texiera.

The GMW’s first epsiode ever came in a moment when I was needing those lessons more than ever. The young actors began a journey with the show and I began my own to find myself hand-in-hand with every epsiode/every lesson and every single inspiration thing from GMW.

This is my statement to myself, to GMW cast & crew, to my readers and to Disney Channel:

To Disney Channel, all I have to say is THANK YOU for giving the world the chance to learn valuable lessons with GMW and giving the world a little hope learning about love and friendship. Also I wanna that you’re making a big MISTAKE. I’m pretty sure there aren’t enough reasons to cancel the show. C’mon, GMW is better than Liv & Maddie (which had 4 seasons), is even better than all the current shows and most of them has been renew. You’re stealing a world of lessons to all the children, teens and even adults than watch all your shows (my mom loves GMW).

To Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage, Boy Meets World was the very first show I became fan of, I remember watching all the epsiodes in spanish and then they helped me when I was learning english. You with your character (Topanga and Cory) gave me lessons that I will remember forever, including my favorite tv-couple of all the times. Thank you for so many good moments.

To Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Peyton Meyer, Corey Fogelmanis, Uriah Shelton, Cecilia Balagot and all the cast & crew, I can’t say enough to thank you for all the good memories that are in my mind with every single episode. I love your characters that taught me about myself, friendship and spreading love. You guys made a great tv-show more than just a comedy thing, Every each of you didn’t even know that I exist, but trust me you and your character helped me with everyting I’m going through with every epsiode and every lesson. I will always miss watching all of you together.

Thanks you for good lessons and inspiration. I wish the best on the cast’s careers.


2 thoughts on “My Letter to Girl Meets World Cast

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  1. Dear Girl Meets world, please don’t cancel your show. this show is the reason I have a best friend, we watch it every night after dinner. I have been watching the last episode over and over crying because I got strep 2 days before I couldn’t go me and my friend have been spending less and less time together. I am begging you don’t cancel the show.


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