Top5: My 2016 Favorite Songs

When 2016 was ending all the music magazines and blogs (websites) released all their list (some based on sales), now 2017 is beginning and that’s reason enough to share with you my top5 of 2016 favorite songs (it has an order): 

5. “Activated” by Cher Lloyd

Vixen Records brought to us this song marking the comeback for Cher Lloyd. Cher shows us a new side of her as artist and let me tell you… I love it and of course still waiting more music from this gorgeous british girl, and you?

4. “Alarm” by Anne-Marie

Another british girl in my top5. I watched that song’s video for the first time on MTV when Anne-Marie was the singer of the month on MTV PUSH. Inmediately got me, that songs was in my mind for weeks. Maybe doesn’t have the best lyrics in the world, but it’s fine, and has a catchy sound.

3. “Do You Miss Me At All” by Bridgit Mendler

3 years of waiting! it was worth it. Mendler came back to music with two new singles and an extended play. My favorite is DO YOU MISS ME AT ALL. As Bridgit fan I’m used to listen the differents faces of her sound. She’s sounds more mature in an indie pop sound with tones of R&B. Did you miss her at all? She’s way back!!

2. “Quicksands” by Coco Jadad

Coco is an amazing colombian girl with lyrics that I love and you should definitely listen. Quicksands was drop as single in June but her full album is avaible since December. The lyrics are the main reason why this song is on my second place: “If we back down now we will never be found quicksands, no way out”. I can also say the song has a different sound of what I’m used to listen.

  1. “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes

Shawn Shawn Shawn. Yes! Of course the top of my list is the one and only SHAWN MENDES. I wasn’t his fan with Stitches but then “Treat You Better” and this song showed up on the scene and BAM! now I’m his fan. 100% fan and in love with his sweet lyrics that make more than fall in love with him inmediately. The acoustic version sounds even better. Just listen the song and you’ll now why this my number 1 of the 2016.

Share with me your own TOP5… and did you like any song from my list.

2017 comes with more music!


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