13 Reasons Why: Review (Episode 1, Season 1)

You can’t ⏹stop the future.

You can’t ⏮rewind the past.

The only way to learn the secret is to press ▶play.

First of all you need to watch the trailer, then you can read this review…

Did you watch it? Did you like it? Now keep reading.

Note: This is the review of the first episode

Based on a book written by Jay Asher with the exact same tittle, Netflix premiered on March 31th the first season of this TV show. Starring Dylan Minnette (Goosebumps) as Clay Jensen and Katherine Langford (Daughter) as Hannah Baker.

You may heard about this show beacuse of its producer, the one and only Selena Gomez, but I’m here to tell you that its a must watch.

The teen series follows the story about Hannah Baker a highschool studen who comitted suicide. After that his classmate, Clay Jensen, finds a package that contains 13 tapes explaining the 13 reasons why Hannah killed herself. The tapes are supposed to be heard by the people that are part of the reasons and Clay is one of them. Secrets are about to be exposed.

I found out about the story’s plot years ago when I started with my love for books. Since then this book has been in my “currently-reading” list, I read, stop reading, and start reading it again, so basically I haven’t finish the book but I will.

This show can be compare with any other tv show from Freeform or CW because it’s the teenage drama in a small town where everyone are related. This one have a plus with great actors, great characters, great story and great soundtrack.

We follow Clay’s POV that guide us to tons of flashbacks so we can discover the full story of Hannah Baker. I think is kind of amazing what they did to difference the past from the present (hope they keep it to the entire season), Clay has a bike accident and he has injury in his forehead, that injury guide us to the present.

From the first episode you’ll be witness of the tragedy that leads Hannah to suicide, isn’t just another teen drama tv show, we’ll join the life of a girl that society broke and it’ll take you with her so you can feel all her emotions.

It’s time for the world to know Hannah’s reality and what happened to her. The people that hurt her will take their reponsibility of their acts.

With great script that keeps us attach to the story and make us want more. The message is the most important part. I’m sure audience will love every episode and this one is gonna be a netflix must watch.

From sweet moments, drama, friendship, love, sadness and heartbroken, this tv show have it all.

What are you waiting for? Go an watch the first episode, then you’ll want more.

13 reasons why intro
Source: Netflix



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