Dirty Dancing Remake: Review

ABC premiered their “Dirty Dancing” remake on a 3-hours event this wednesday May, 24th. Yeah, a remake from the ’80s classic.

The movie remake promised all the elements from the original one (great dances, that unforgetable soundtrack), but as many fans watched it had nothing from that. For me, it looked more like a comedy parody than a remake. In this tv movie you won’t find the charm, charisma, good moves, good sountrack, or even the chemistry and magic that made the 1987 movie an ICON.

ABC’s Dirty Dancing stars Abigail Breslin as “Baby” (Jennifer Grey in the original) and in Patrick Swayze place you’ll find Colt Prattes in Jhonny’s shoes. These two actors had no chemistry or magic that we remember in Jennifer and Patrick. Their short “sexy moments” seemed awkward without sparks. Oh yeah, and the dancing moments were nothing like the originals, here we see a Baby that really can’t dance or can’t be dirty.

And the other characters…well, we just know they are in the movie. And when we all thought it couldn’t be worse, it was! this tv movie has an awful ending, I mean… Can you imagine a world where Baby and Jhonny never ended together? Watch this movie and that’s what you’ll see.

The only two “good” moments were: Debra Messing (Marjorie Houseman) solo singing and Sarah Hyland (Lisa Houseman) singing a Bob Dylan song with an ukelele.

So, yes, it was terrible. If you don’t believe go to social media and see what people shared with the hashtag #DirtyDancing. Fans heated, I’m one of them. ABC totally screwed a classic.

All my thoughts in just one tweet:

When ABC announced this movie with Abigail Breslin as Baby, I simply knew it was going to be a disaster. Breslin is a great great actress (don’t get me wrong) but she wasn’t made for the character, and after tonight we all know that. Abigail and Colt had no connection, no emotions, maybe that’s why their character didn’t end together.

This movie deserves to be in a corner.

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