I’m back with more energy

Hello you! I know my last post is basically from 10 months ago (May 2018), but I had many issues including college and then my laptop keybord crashed in important letters like R and T. That whole package was a disaster and stopped me from writing during all that time.

College is something I still dealing with specially because I’m on last year, but my keyboard problem is already fixed. To fix my keyboard I tried many options: first my computer could also work as a tablet so it has an screen keyboard, I tried to work with my computer as a tablet to use that keyboard but… it drove me crazy I didn’t have enough patience; then I tried to write post with the app on my phone and tablet, it also drove me crazy; finally I got worried because finding a new keyboard to CHANGE my laptop keyboard was going to be expensive and a difficult task.

Luckily one day I was texting with a friend and she told she was having the same issue, she actually waited two months and didn’t find the original keyboard for her laptop. My friend had to buy an external keyboard, I had no idea a laptop could work with an external keyboard… and here I am writing this post with an external small keyboard. BTW, my computer works perfectly, I didn’t even think of replacing it.

Sorry, if I got you bored with my little long story about keyboardsšŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ I just had to share with someone. Anyway, that means you’ll now have new posts every week on Thursdays!!! Leave your comments I’m always reading them, and if you have a movie/tv serie/book review you want to read leave it on the comments section.

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Marcela ā™„ aka #IssiSotelo


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