I’m back with more energy

Hello you! I know my last post is basically from 10 months ago (May 2018), but I had many issues including college and then my laptop keybord crashed in important letters like R and T. That whole package was a disaster and stopped me from writing during all that time. College is something I still... Continue Reading →


New Year, New Writes, New Me!

I took  a little time of vacations the entire december trying to run away from myself and from my year full of up and downs. Have you heard about phoenixs, I tried to do that, I simple tried to find the worst of me and tried to turn it into something better. I've done that... Continue Reading →

Writing from bed

Yes, you read right! I'm writing this from my warm bed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a lazy person, I'm actually that weird person who's not into sleeping too much. Tonight I'm saying "Hello" from my bed watching iCarly. The main reason is a FLU. Recently that's a normal mood and I hate because... Continue Reading →

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