“13 Reasons Why” renewed for second season

Their story isn't over... 13 Reasons Why will be back for season 2, Netflix announced it on Sunday. It was also announced that Brian Yorkey will take over as showrunner. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTy53deF-Eb/?taken-by=13reasonswhy Two months ago was the premiere of 13 reasons why in Nteflix, now we have to wait until 2018 to watch 13 episodes more... Continue Reading →


Academy of Country Music Awards 2017: Full Winners List

The Academy of Country Music celebrated its awards on April 2nd, live on CBS, honoring the greatest country singers and songs. Miranda Lambert broke a record winning 8 years consecutive the category as Female Vocalist of the Year. #girlpower! Check the full winners list below: Entertainer of the year Carrie Underwood Florida Georgia Line Jason... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Writes, New Me!

I took  a little time of vacations the entire december trying to run away from myself and from my year full of up and downs. Have you heard about phoenixs, I tried to do that, I simple tried to find the worst of me and tried to turn it into something better. I've done that... Continue Reading →

Writing from bed

Yes, you read right! I'm writing this from my warm bed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a lazy person, I'm actually that weird person who's not into sleeping too much. Tonight I'm saying "Hello" from my bed watching iCarly. The main reason is a FLU. Recently that's a normal mood and I hate because... Continue Reading →

Belle gives birth on #OnceUponATime

There's one thing you need to know... I LOVE ONCE UPON A TIME. That TV show that probably make you think twice about fairytales and definitely that TV show you don't have to miss an episode or you'll be lost in the next one. ⚠THIS POST CONTENTS SPOILERS⚠ ABC presented the Winter Finale previous episode... Continue Reading →

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